Blackberry Playbook Promos

15 04 2011

Checked in at a cocktail event in a Chelsea art gallery on 22st and 11th ave.  Blackberry had their promos for the “Playbook”, the flipside and RIMM version of the Apple’s iPad.  Uh Oh watch out Apple.  Well I can’t review much about the Playbook because I’m not a tech geek but what I did tonight was bar tend all these tech geeks, tech bloggers, computer scientists and journalists.  The crowd was very sophisticated and tech geeky with many people writing reviews on their Blackberrys and notepads.  Funny how I didn’t see ONE iPad from any of the guests since they knew out of respect it would be an insult to bring a Apple product into a Blackberry promo event (DUH!).

Blackberry Playbook launches Tuesday, April 19th

I served a special cocktail of the evening which the majority of the guests ordered called, Playbook Punch.  Simply a passion fruit puree, pinot grigio and vodka. Oh yeah, Dwight Howard and his entourage came into the party for an hour and got the chance to play with the Playbook.  I did get the opportunity to check out some of the Playbooks on display before it hits the stores.  The Playbook releases this Tuesday, April 19th.

"Playbook Punch" Passion fruit puree, white wine, vodka. Cheers!