Baruch College bachelors of arts ‘2010

I do regret not going away for college to a big state university and tried out the dorm life.  However, my four years at Baruch College in the Gramercy district was one hell of a ride.  I felt as if I grew up much faster commuting to a city school with a business atmosphere where everyone is very diverse and always networking competitively.  The education; the business pre-req courses were tough, liberal arts kept every student open-minded with mandatory cultural studies courses.  The partying scene; I would say I had a ball, hung out with a fun social crowd and being able to party in the city as a college student is enough to say.  I guess being in the city for more than a full time week of my life through school, work and the volleyball team where we traveled and practiced for 6 months straight a school year just kept me pumping all day and night and my adrenaline sure hasn’t stopped.


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