Terrible Hollister Billboard

16 03 2011

At 600 Broadway in the corner of Houston street which marks the northern part of “SoHo (South of Houston Street), used to be a very iconic New York wall as well as the DKNY advertising wall designed by Peter Arnell.  It has been up for 20 years.  Not until Hollister bought out 600 Broadway and replaced the wall with a hideous brown Hollister logo after DKNY lost it’s rights of the wall.  It saddened me and it’s very upsetting for a New Yorker who praised walking down NoHo to SoHo and would glance to look up at a monumental DKNY logo with Mrs. Liberty and the skyline designed through its DKNY letters.  Now, a ridiculous looking Hollister wall is up and what upsets me the most is that it’s not even a New York brand, but a laid-back California brand that bought the building to advertise and remove an iconic New York work of art.  Many New Yorkers are upset and many tourists would always stop at the cross walk on Houston street and Broadway to pose in front of the DKNY wall, but who the hell wants to pose in front of a Hollister wall in the heart of SoHo?!  I understand that Hollister Company obtained the building in June 2009 and has the rights to do whatever the hell they want with it but c’mon, respect the aura of that wall and the iconic appeal us New Yorkers and tourists once attracted to.

I love shopping in SoHo and no matter how many times I’ve seen the DKNY logo as a kid, I would never be bored and just take a minute to glance at it.  Even nights of drinking in alphabet city and I had to cab it through Houston Street, I would still look up to it.  What has SoHo become now?  What’s next? a “I ❤ Hollister” logo wall replacing it.  Damn you Hollister.

600 Broadway



C'mon just look at this? This is fugly