Chelsea Club Circuit, Griffin.

31 03 2011

Earlier this evening, I worked an engagement private event at The Griffin on 50 Gansevoort Street at the heart of the Meatpacking District club/Chelsea circuit nightlife.  Wednesday nights are not a typical party night for Griffin which is why there was a private event where a family hosted an engagement party from 7-11pm then it opened to the public afterwards into a regular club scene.  A regular club night where promoters and socialites come to Griffin are usually Tuesday and Thursday nights.  FYI, real New Yorkers do not go clubbing (at least in Chelsea) on friday or saturday nights because that is what we call the “bridge and tunnel” crowd for those non-New Yorkers in the tri-state area who come to party in the city such as New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut.   Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to say that clubs in Meatpacking are dead on friday and saturday nights but the crowd is a total shift from [artists, designers, tmodels, socialites, Wall Street ballers, trust fund babies] from Sunday-Thursday to [the suburban crowds of Long Island, Staten Island, Jersey] fist pumping crews at some places but they rarely would act like that or get in at a club anywhere in Chelsea if they dressed up like the Jersey Shore cast.

Griffin: The space is very elegant and has that “19th Century Gilden Age” ambiance.  You walk in and you see a huge chandelier in the middle and vintage windows and bottle service tables surrounding the perimeter of the club.  There’s a second balcony floor for bathrooms and VIP rooms.  I’d say Griffin is a cool spot to check out after work for a few cocktails then definitely come out on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The music was a fair mix of hip hop, house and top 40 mixes.  Since the event had an open bar, I didn’t pay for any drinks but they range for $14-16 on a regular night.  The bartenders were up to par and served everyone very well and remembered drink orders for the majority of customers.  Service from the managers, waitress and bouncers were excellent.  The kind of club where you see girls dancing on couches, popping bottles on the ice every where, and fairly opulent.

The typical Chelsea club circuit where the hotspots are throughout the week by getting in through legit club promoters are Sunday: 1Oak, Monday: Juliet, Tuesday: Griffin/Tenjune, Wednesday: Greenhouse, Thursday: Tenjune/Griffin, Friday: Bunker/RVD, Saturday: Greenhouse, Kiss & Fly.  There are many other hot clubs in Meatpacking but that’s an idea of what’s going on throughout the week these days in that area.  Don’t be surprised to see several NBA players at these clubs after they play the Knicks.


Irish Woodside

14 03 2011

St. Patricks Day is a few days away and I would like to commemorate what my hometown has to offer.  Woodside is my hometown and the main core of Irish pubs.  For those of you 7 train straphangers coming home from work get off 61st Woodside and grab a refreshing Guiness at the pubs here.

Many of the Irish settled here during the industrial revolution and became the largest Irish community in Queens until today.  The Woodside train station (Long Island Railroad LIRR/7 train stop, known today) was orginally constructed in 1869 by the Flushing and North Side Railroad which was then required by the LIRR in 1876. This was the first train stop for commuters going roundtrip to Manhattan.  During the 1930s, the Irish population was approximately 80% (source: The New York Irish by Timothy Meagher) many settled in Woodside because of the convenient train station stop for the many construction workers during the industrial revolution.

Today, I would have to say that the Woodside Station is by far the most convenient commuting station in Queens.  The 7 train runs a express line for morning and night rush hours and Woodside is one of the express stops.  In addition, there is the LIRR which is a 15 minute commute to 34st Penn Station in Manhattan and the Woodside LIRR travels all the way to the cleanest beach of New York, Long Beach.

Woodside is still considered to be one of the largest Irish communities with many diverse ethnic groups that have settled here throughout the 1990s such as South Asians, Latinos, Koreans and Filipinos.  Most importantly, the aura of the Irish in their tradition of wine and spirits hasn’t left my hometown at all.

Sean Ogs 60st & Woodside Ave

Woodside Cafe right next to Sean Ogs where they serve Irish coffee.

Cuckoos Nest on 61st and Woodside ave.

Saints & Sinners

The Sporting Game (fairly new bar) on Woodside ave & 59th st.

Shelleys on Roosevelt and 59th

The infamous Donovan’s Pub on 58th st and Roosevelt ave.  #1 rated hamburger in New York (review coming soon).

St. Sebastian’s catholic church in the background.