In a nutshell,  I grew up in Woodside, Queens just a few blocks away from St. Sebastian’s catholic church and school.  This was the institution that jump started my interest in playing sports competitively as a child where I competed in baseball and basketball until I reached high school.  Just like any typical kid who grew up playing sports, my only dream and goal in life was to be a MLB or NBA player.  Well that obviously didn’t work out.  I also got cut trying out for my high school baseball and basketball teams since both programs were top ranked in the city and I just wasn’t good enough.  Oh well, so I went on and tried out for volleyball as a freshman in high school and played Varsity football.  I continued to play volleyball competitively at Division III Baruch College and I finished my four year athletic tenure in April 2010.

Growing up playing sports as a child in my opinion is probably the best thing any parent could do to their little minion.  You learn how to discipline, be responsible, bond and establish excellent leadership skills being in such a competitive nature.  From a psychological point of view, being an athlete and performing at your peak in any competition enhances you to work under pressure during crucial moments and use that fuel and advantage for your time to shine.

That is what I miss the most of being in a team since I finished playing competitive volleyball throughout college, just having “your time to shine.”  Once you get on the court, no one is there to stop you in what you’re doing unless your coach puts you on the bench for playing terribly or getting injured.  You are there to perform at your best, to represent your school, your number, your family name and most importantly, your own self.  The rush of being in that competitive nature is something I really cannot explain because it is one ridiculous high state of mind.

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” – UCLA Men’s Basketball Coach, John Wooden

Fan of: New York Football Giants, Knicks, USA Volleyball, BIG EAST, Karch Kiraly.


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